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Main Altar

The purpose of flowers at the main altar is to visually direct the guests' attention toward the front of the ceremony space. Therefore, this arrangement must be large enough and tall enough to be seen by guests seated towards the back. Since each ceremony is different, these flowers can be as elaborate or simple as your style dictates.

Statement Piece: $250+ each

Free Standing Arch with flowers: $750+

Chuppah with flowers: $1000+ 

Aisle Markers

Flowers, candles and ribbons are often used to mark the aisle ends and to add color to the ceremony.

Average Price (Greens and Ribbon): $25 each

Average Price (Flowers, Greens and Ribbon): $40-$60 each


Petals may be used to either line the aisle or cover the aisle.  There are three different density’s for aisle petals.  The thickest is what we call a carpet of petals, extremely lush with no ground showing.  Medium thickness will have spots of the ground showing.  The lightest of density is a scattering of petals.

Carpet: $15/ sq. foot

Medium: $9/ sq. foot

Scattered: $3/ sq. foot