Wedding Floral Guide

 A guide to help you decide the floral arrangements you will need to complete your wedding.

We believe less can be more with the right purpose and placement.

Simple color palettes, classic blooms, clean aesthetic.

Garden romantic white & green bridal bouquet by San Diego florist, Compass Floral.


Bridal Bouquet

We consider your bridal bouquet to be the most important arrangement of your wedding florals as it will be in almost every one of your photos and therefore deserves special touches and extra attention.  We specialize in lush, garden romantic bouquets of premium blooms and unique greens.

Price Range: $150-$500

Average Price: $250


Bride's Toss Bouquet

Depending on how many single ladies you have in your lives, you may want to consider having a smaller bouquet made specifically for tossing.


Hair Flowers

Loose blooms to be tucked in by hair stylist: $25+

Floral Crown: $75+


Maid of Honor's Bouquet

The maid of honor's bouquet can be as similar or as different to the other bridesmaid's bouquets as you wish. Many brides choose to make the maid of honor's bouquet somewhat larger than the other bridesmaid's bouquets.

Price Range: $100-$300

Average Price: $175


Bridesmaids' Bouquets

The bridesmaids' bouquets should complement the bridal bouquet and are usually smaller in size.  

Price Range: $100-$250

Average Price: $125


Upgraded Ribbon Treatment

Bridal: $20+

Bridesmaids: $10+



For the groom, groomsmen, officiant, fathers and grandfathers.

We like to make them all slightly different, the smallest of arrangements full of texture & character.

Price Range: $12-$20

Average Price: $15


Flower Girl

Floral Crown: $55+

Basket + Petals: $35



For mothers, grandmothers or other women that you want to recognize. 

Not your grandmothers corsage, we use delicate blooms & fine ribbons.

Price Range: $20-$50

Average Price: $35

Rancho Valencia wedding ceremony by San Diego florist, Compass Floral.


Main Altar

The purpose of flowers at the main altar is to visually direct the guests' attention toward the front of the ceremony space. Therefore, this arrangement must be large enough and tall enough to be seen by guests seated towards the back. Since each ceremony is different, these flowers can be as elaborate or simple as your style dictates.

Statement Piece: $250+ each

Free Standing Arch with seasonal flowers $400+

Chuppah with flowers: $650+


Aisle Markers

Flowers, candles and ribbons are often used to mark the aisle ends and to add color to the ceremony.

Average Price (Greens and Ribbon): $25 each

Average Price (Flowers, Greens and Ribbon): $40-$60 each



Petals may be used to either line the aisle or cover the aisle.  There are three different density’s for aisle petals.  The thickest is what we call a carpet of petals, extremely lush with no ground showing.  Medium thickness will have spots of the ground showing.  The lightest of density is a scattering of petals.

Carpet: $15/ sq. foot

Medium: $9/ sq. foot

Scattered: $3/ sq. foot

Green & white Rancho Valencia wedding by San Diego florist, Compass Floral.


Escort Card Display

Whether you choose to have escort cards, place cards, or a seating chart, it is essential to have some way to direct your guests to where they are supposed to sit at the reception. There are SO many creative ways to direct your guests and bringing in florals helps to create continuity in your wedding. Plus, this is a great place to have a little fun and bring in your own personality!

Escort Card Display Price Range: $60-$500

Escort Card Display Average Price: $175


Cocktail Tables

Petite arrangements using the same floral scheme as your centerpieces.

Cocktail Table Price Range: $15-$50

Cocktail Table Average Price: $35


Honor Table Centerpiece

Sweetheart, head table or kings table are a few of the many ways for the wedding party to be arranged.  Things to consider are how you and your love will be differentiated. Will there be florals on the back of your chairs, garlands in front or centerpieces down the length of the table?

Price Range: $100-$1,000

Average Price: $250


Guest Tables

Farm tables with lush, floral garlands, rounds with artfully deconstructed centerpieces, tea lights, pillar candles, satellite vignettes. We create unique tablescapes for each and every couple.

Price Range: $150-$750

Green garland: $15+/ foot

Green & Flower garland: $25+/ foot

Average Price: $250


Dessert Table

From a simple, single rose perfectly placed on your wedding cake, to a full sweets table covered in florals.

Oh, and if you need someone to accompany you to your tasting, I can make myself available ... 

Price Range: $40-$250

Average Price: $150